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  1. My Social Security number, personal identification number (PIN), user ID and password may be used for access to my account, to request personal information and to process transactions, including withdrawal of funds from my Plan account.
  2. I will safeguard and protect such confidential information from disclosure to, or use by, unauthorized third parties.
  3. I will update my personal information on my account and will ensure that my personal information, including my address, remains current and complete at all times.
  4. KDC may rely upon information which I supply to KDC, unless I inform KDC to the contrary.
  5. All Plan and account information, including verification of password and user ID, will be mailed to my address of record, even in the event of my divorce or relocation, until such time as I update my address with KDC.
  6. Use of my password and PIN shall be deemed to be my authorization to KDC to process all Plan transactions. If my PIN is lost or stolen, KDC will not be liable for resulting losses or liabilities. I will not share my PIN or password with any other users or third parties.
  7. Any transaction submitted to KDC using my PIN (whether authorized by me or not) will be treated as valid and will authorize Plan transactions, including withdrawal of my Plan funds.


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LIABILITIES: In no event will KDC, its employees, agents or trustees be liable to you for any punitive, indirect, direct, special, incidental, or consequential damages. This includes lost profits, costs of obtaining substitute service or lost opportunity, even if you have notified KDC about the possibility of such damages.

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IMPORTANT: These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by (and construed in accordance with) the laws of the United States and the State of Kentucky. You consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue in Franklin County, Kentucky and waive the defense of forum non conveniens. Each participant is bound by the provisions of KDC’s Plans and Trusts and the participant’s Participation Agreement. If there are any differences between statements on this website and KDC’s Plans, the Plan document shall govern. To request a copy of KDC Plan documents, please contact KDC’s office by toll-free phone 1-800-542-2667.