Two services to help you invest for retirement

Introducing two options: My Investment Planner and a Managed Account feature (Nationwide ProAccount®), which offers professional investment management of your Deferred Comp account.

Nationwide ProAccount®

What Is Nationwide ProAccount?

Nationwide ProAccount, a managed account service offered by Nationwide Investment Advisors, LLC (NIA), is designed to help take the guesswork out of retirement investing. NIA has hired Wilshire Associates (Wilshire) to professionally manage the ProAccount portfolios. When you sign up for Nationwide ProAccount with NIA, your investments are selected for you based on your age and risk tolerance, then monitored and adjusted to help keep you on track toward your retirement goals.

What do you get as a Nationwide ProAccount participant?

Professional management from Wilshire Associates

  • Experienced investment managers with the time and knowledge to make informed investment decisions for the portfolio
  • Investment management based on age and risk profiles
  • Periodic adjustments as market conditions change

Oversight by NIA

  • Ongoing monitoring of Wilshire’s management and performance
  • NIA implements the investment advice as directed by Wilshire

Ongoing communications

  • Periodic updates about your account and investments
  • Quarterly statement notifications

Is there an expense?

  • Yes. There is an expense for this professional management service, deducted from your account balance on a quarterly basis. For more detail, please ask your KDC Retirement Specialist.

Do you think Nationwide ProAccount may be right for you?

  • To enroll or learn more call your local KDC Retirement Specialist.

Nationwide ProAccount® neither guarantees a profit nor eliminates risk.

Investment advice for Nationwide ProAccount is provided to plan participants by Nationwide Investment Advisors,LLC, a SEC-registered investment adviser. Wilshire Associates Incorporated (Wilshire) is not an affiliate of Nationwide or Nationwide Investment Advisors, LLC (NIA). NIA has retained Wilshire as an Independent Financial Expert for Nationwide ProAccount. While NIA is the investment adviser,Wilshire has discretion over all investment decisions.NIA will allocate and rebalance a ProAccount participant's account to implement the individualized advice generated by Wilshire.

My Investment Planner

This service is offered by NIA and is accessed through the KDC website. Using your responses to a few questions, the tool will make investment recommendations using funds available through the KDC Spectrum of Investment Options and provides:

  • Portfolio asset mix based on your situation
  • Professional investment selection based on the funds in the KDC menu

This service is available at no extra cost to participants. However, you are responsible for implementing your investment decisions based on the recommendations. You should also periodically review and update your asset allocation questionnaire or meet with a KDC Retirement Specialist to ensure you are on track to reach your savings goals.

Nationwide Investment Advisors, LLC (NIA) is not affiliated with Wilshire Associates or KDC.

Two traditional Investment Approaches

For years, KDC has offered participants two low-cost approaches to invest the way they want. You can invest in the Vanguard Target Retirement Funds or you can invest in a diversified set of funds available through the KDC Plan(s).

For more details on any of the investment approaches described above, call your local KDC Retirement Specialist or the KDC office at 800.542.2667 or 502.573.7925

KDC Retirement Specialists are investment adviser representatives of Nationwide Investment Advisors, LLC, and Registered Representatives of Nationwide Investment Services Corporation, member FINRA. Plan Services Representative cannot offer investment, tax, or legal advice.

Vanguard Target Retirement Funds are designed for people who plan to withdraw retirement funds during or near a specific year. These funds use a strategy that reallocates their assets to become more conservative as they approach retirement. However, these funds do not consider individual risk tolerances. The principal value is not guaranteed at any time including at the target date. When redeemed the amount received may be less than the amount invested

Vanguard Target Retirement Funds are designed for investors expecting to retire around the year indicated in each fund’s name. However, Vanguard notes that its target-year suggestions are based on a retirement age of 65. Investors who plan to retire significantly earlier or later may want to consider a fund with an asset allocation more appropriate to their particular situation. The assets in each fund are allocated to other Vanguard stock and bond funds to seek a blend of growth and current income. With the exception of the Vanguard Retirement Income Fund, the equity component of the funds may range from 40% to 90%. Except for the Vanguard Target Retirement Income Fund, the funds’ asset allocation becomes increasingly conservative as they approach their target date and beyond. Ultimately, they are expected to merge with the Vanguard Target Retirement Income Fund, which maintains about 70% in bonds. The investment risk of each Vanguard Target Retirement Fund changes over time as its asset allocation changes. They are subject to the volatility of the financial markets, including equity and fixed income investments in the U.S. and abroad and may be subject to risks associated with investing in high yield, small cap and foreign securities. Principal investment is not guaranteed at any time, including at or after the designated target retirement date.

Before investing through Kentucky Deferred Comp, please consider the fund’s investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses carefully. The prospectus contains this and other important information about the investment company. Prospectuses and fund fact sheets are available by download from or by calling 800-542-2667. Please read the prospectus carefully before investing.

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